The Beginner’s Guide to Spas

Tips for a Satisfying Time at a Spa

If the idea of visiting a spa makes you nervous, you’re certainly not alone. A lot of people have their first spa experience when they receive a spa gift card or something. For some people, this spa visit never happens because they’re anxious about what could possibly transpire and being clueless about spa etiquette essentials.

But keep calm! But don’t worry. The biggest concern is often removing your clothes for a massage. Truth is, reputable spas follow very strict rules for draping during massage treatments. The only part of your body that will be exposed, is the one the therapist is working on. The rest will be unexposed (you will be given a large towel or blanket). Also, there are treatments that let you keep your clothes on, such as reflexology.

And you need not fuss about not knowing what to do because you will be assisted by a staff for most of your visit.

How to Choose a Spa

Usually, we choose a spa out of convenience – what’s the closest or which one is cheapest? However, there are other factors you have to take into account, like the the therapists’ credentials. In fact, if there’s one particularly cheap spa, this could mean they have under-qualified therapists.

The demeanor of the staff should be considered too, and you can test it with a single call. If they’re rude or unprofessional, forget it. And upon arriving at the spa, you should be met with a quiet and sanitary environment, with the addition of soothing aromas, dim lights, and smooth, relaxing music.

If you want to be familiar with a spa before booking, just ask them for a quick tour. In most cases, they would be happy to oblige. When booking a session, let them know it’s your first. They should be extra patient with you as you ask all the questions you may have in your mind. In most cases, they will probably ask you some questions too, such as your preferred therapist, whether male or female.

Just Before You Go

Getting a massage on a full stomach means you’ll likely keep passing gas as the therapist works on your body. And drink lots of water after treatment to help your body take advantage of its benefits.

Talking to Your Therapist

Lastly, don’t be shy to give feedback to your therapist during the massage. For example, if you want heavier pressure, tell them so they can adjust the pressure until you think it’s fine. If you’re in the mood for a small chat-chat or if you want total silence, they’ll take your cue. It’s actually about you and what’s pleasing to you, so relax and be pleased.

The Key Elements of Great Spas

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